Hello Readers! So, the last time I posted was May 16th of this year. WHERE have I been all this time? Well, 3 months of that I was barely surviving life with a toddler and morning (read: ALL DAY) sickness… Because we are adding another one of these tots to our family! I thought morning sickness was hard when I could just lay around nursing myself with no one else to worry about. Nope. Morning sickness with a toddler: 10x worse. The other 2 months.. I guess I’ve just been trying to figure out how to get my life back together. I’m so happy toRead More →

Giving up most of the clothes that make me feel like me for the past couple months has been tough! Thankfully, I’ve been able to hang on to a few pieces of my old self while incorporating a few new silhouettes to get through the third trimester. The key has been to mix and match a few basic pieces and rely heavily on shoes and accessories to change it up.Read More →