42 Ways to Reward Yourself

42 Ways to Reward Yourself

We all know at the end of a long day or the completion of a big project, it’s important to reward ourselves. But how often do we take the time to enjoy something just because we made it through another day of chores or monotony? This is especially crucial for SAHMs! We so often forget to make time for ourselves (when we can) as we stay busy seeing to the needs of our families. But without taking time to celebrate our accomplishments, our motivation can begin to drop tremendously! We are wired to respond to incentives. Even small rewards can help keep you motivated.

If you’ve finished your chores or made progress on your goals, break up the routine by rewarding yourself with something a little different today. Remind yourself that you are a great mom and you’ve earned a chance to deviate from the norm.


Here are 42 ideas to reward yourself for being awesome!

  1. Settle in with a good book.
  2. Watch one of your favorite movies.
  3. Paint your nails and do your makeup.
  4. Visit a bookstore and buy a new book you are excited about.
  5. Order something online you’ve been holding off on buying.
  6. Go to the mall.
  7. Eat something chocolaty.
  8. Get a massage.
  9. Take a nap.
  10. Go for a leisurely stroll.
  11. Start a new crafting project you’re looking forward to.
  12. Play with your kids.
  13. Order delivery or take out instead of cooking.
  14. Lay in the sun and veg.
  15. Do a puzzle or crossword.
  16. Binge on your favorite series.
  17. Spend a day in your pajamas.
  18. Sleep in late.
  19. Go out for dinner.
  20. Take a bubble bath.
  21. Stay in the shower ’til the hot water runs out.
  22. Lay in a hammock and enjoy the breeze.
  23. Buy yourself a milkshake or coffee drink.
  24. Go to bed really early.
  25. Stay up late.
  26. Watch the sun go down–iced tea in hand. 
  27. Have a date night.
  28. Catch up on your Youtube subscriptions.
  29. Catch up on your favorite blogs.
  30. Bake cookies and eat a handful.
  31. Invite a friend over.
  32. Take a free online class.
  33. Spend an hour on Pinterest.
  34. Buy a new outfit or pair of shoes.
  35. Get a pedicure.
  36. Play a game you enjoy.
  37. Buy something new for your home.
  38. Listen to your favorite podcast.
  39. Relax and listen to your favorite album.
  40. Go to a free event.
  41. Buy tickets to something you want to attend.
  42. Go thrift shopping.

How do you reward yourself?

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