Every day, at some point, I do my best to break from my motherly duties and sit down to read a few verses from the Bible. I used to have time for a chapter or more a day, but these days I tend to read about 5 verses at a time, doing my best to keep up with the continuing narrative and internalizing its significance. Right now I’m slowly chipping away from Genesis to Revelation as an alternative to reading a devotion or a topical study.Read More →

First things first on a Monday: beat the Monday blues by sorting out a new week in my bullet journal. At first I found it difficult to replicate what I was seeing others do in their journals. After a couple of months I realized all I needed was the right tools.Read More →

In a matter of one day I read The Miracle Morning and, even though the ideas Hal had written about were hardly original, I was so excited to immediately start putting into practice his collective ideas on personal development and the ever important morning routine. I would love to say I’ve done it for seven days without missing a day like I’ve been reading about on every other Miracle Morning-er’s blog, but motherhood calls. It seems like since I put my mind to doing this the kiddo has decided to start waking up an hour or two before my pre-determined wake up time.Read More →

One of my favorite apps that I’ve come across in the last year has helped me purge my closet, find potential for my clothes, and learn to appreciate each piece. Stylebook! This app allows you to take photos of your clothes and accessories against a contrasting backdrop and file them away for outfit planning or keep a log of past outfits.Read More →