Why do they call it Labor Day?? After enjoying a really lazy weekend already, this morning my family has slept in, sipped our coffee, and had a FaceTime chat with family–no labor here! Okay, so we are actually planning on spending the rest of our day packing up to move in a couple of weeks so our lazy weekend is coming to a close. Looks like we will be spending the holiday working after all!Read More →

Before my son was born, I was ultra prepared for postpartum depression. Having always been a person ruled and driven by emotion, it was reasonable for me to expect a drastic spiral into this now well-known condition. But when the time came and I was sitting on my couch with a month old baby, when all the help had evaporated and I was left to fend for myself day in and day out, I felt…fine.Read More →

Giving up most of the clothes that make me feel like me for the past couple months has been tough! Thankfully, I’ve been able to hang on to a few pieces of my old self while incorporating a few new silhouettes to get through the third trimester. The key has been to mix and match a few basic pieces and rely heavily on shoes and accessories to change it up.Read More →