We all have days when our motivation is shot. Days when it seems like the only things we want to do are watch Netflix and veg. Days like that can be good for our mental health, but sometimes I find that the day after a lazy day can send me into either panic mode trying to catch up or a perpetual state of laziness as I continue to put off getting back to the grind!Read More →

As often as I’m able to get up before the sun, I’ve been practicing the Miracle Morning–but with a twist. If you aren’t familiar with The Miracle Morning, you can visit my post here where I briefly talk about it. I initially tried The Miracle Morning the way Hal Elrod prescribed it–Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing.Read More →

How many mornings have you found yourself scrambling around, doing ten things at one time, just trying to make it out the door? Me too. I’m sure it’s not as difficult for me as it is for some with multiple children or slightly older children–teeth to brush, breakfasts to make, bags to pack–but even with one it can be a struggle.Read More →

One of my very favorite books as a SAHM was one that I discovered before I ever had a home of my own. I remember being in middle school seeing my Mom reading the bright pink edition of Marla Ciley’s homekeeping handbook Sink Reflections and being reverently inspired to get organized, even at a young age. One day I found her standing over a glistening kitchen sink and decided I wanted to read the book for myself.Read More →

In a matter of one day I read The Miracle Morning and, even though the ideas Hal had written about were hardly original, I was so excited to immediately start putting into practice his collective ideas on personal development and the ever important morning routine. I would love to say I’ve done it for seven days without missing a day like I’ve been reading about on every other Miracle Morning-er’s blog, but motherhood calls. It seems like since I put my mind to doing this the kiddo has decided to start waking up an hour or two before my pre-determined wake up time.Read More →

Sometimes meal planning can be such a hassle. I used to wonder where to start. What would I be in the mood for? What would it cost this time? What do I already have that I can use? Should I try something new or just do something I’m familiar with? Easy or elaborate? Then I started a system that has made meal planning much less time consuming and more predictable–enabling me to use less brain power on it! Here’s one way you can make meal planning less of a headache. Read More →

Happy Monday, Readers! I have had the house to myself all day because my husband had an overnight trip out of town. To begin with, I was a little bummed about hanging out by myself, but then I decided I really wanted to channel that time into not just some quality me-time, but also into something productive. Read More →

Instead of buying junk food at the store, I always try to bake something every Monday for us to snack on all week. It might be as simple as a pan of brownies or as creative as tiny homemade apple pies (with pie crust made from scratch, mmm). Even though baked desserts aren’t good for you, making them at home instead of buying packaged snacks is a better alternative because there are less ingredients and preservatives.Read More →