I’m excited to have a friend flying in for a short stay this week and, having just returned home after evacuating for Hurricane Matthew, I’m having a big catch up day in preparation. I love entertaining, so I was inspired to write a post for the rest of you moms that love it, too! Here is a checklist of preparations for creating an inviting home for your overnight guests–with minimal effort!Read More →

Update: We’ve been spending the bulk of September moving into our new house, leaving me with very little time to dedicate to posts! After a little break, I’m excited to get back on the blog. Recently, Hubby and I have been suffering some serious congestion and, as a result of moving stresses, exhaustion as well. I was inspired to buy a bouquet of eucalyptus for our bathroom because I’d read that it’s good for a host of ailments which I’ve listed below:Read More →

Why do they call it Labor Day?? After enjoying a really lazy weekend already, this morning my family has slept in, sipped our coffee, and had a FaceTime chat with family–no labor here! Okay, so we are actually planning on spending the rest of our day packing up to move in a couple of weeks so our lazy weekend is coming to a close. Looks like we will be spending the holiday working after all!Read More →

I don’t have the messiest family, but we aren’t exactly perfect either. For one thing, Jonas isn’t old enough to make his own messes yet (savoring these last few weeks before he starts to go mobile). And my husband isn’t messy, but he does like to see everything he uses on a daily basis, which means there are little piles here and there–neatly organized piles, but still piles. And since I am always writing and journaling, I constantly have a parade of pens, paper, and books following me from room to room.Read More →

We all have days when our motivation is shot. Days when it seems like the only things we want to do are watch Netflix and veg. Days like that can be good for our mental health, but sometimes I find that the day after a lazy day can send me into either panic mode trying to catch up or a perpetual state of laziness as I continue to put off getting back to the grind!Read More →

As often as I’m able to get up before the sun, I’ve been practicing the Miracle Morning–but with a twist. If you aren’t familiar with The Miracle Morning, you can visit my post here where I briefly talk about it. I initially tried The Miracle Morning the way Hal Elrod prescribed it–Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing.Read More →

How many mornings have you found yourself scrambling around, doing ten things at one time, just trying to make it out the door? Me too. I’m sure it’s not as difficult for me as it is for some with multiple children or slightly older children–teeth to brush, breakfasts to make, bags to pack–but even with one it can be a struggle.Read More →