What is a war book, you may ask? Based off the movie “War Room,“ a war book is essentially a portable prayer closet. And, today, I’m excited to give you a peek into mine! In the movie, which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it, the main characters practice quiet time with God by returning daily to a closet they have set aside for prayer and reflection. Scriptures and handwritten prayers are posted on the walls. It’s called a war room, because prayer is our weapon against the enemy in spiritual warfare. Well. I don’t exactly have a leftover walk-in closet in my house toRead More →

So, as a SAHM, I start my day pretty early. And unless I have plenty of activities or outings planned, it can drag on… and on. On a good day, Jonas and I have an outing or a playdate planned, spend some time outside, and nap time takes up at least an hour-and-a-half so I can get a few things done. But many days I’m stuck coming up with ways to keep him entertained. I’m also stuck with trying to find ways to keep myself from feeling isolated and bored with toddler activities. (I can only push cars around and drop blocks in a bucketRead More →

In my last post on this topic, In Defense of the SAHM, Pt. I, I briefly discussed the idea that SAHMs are “privileged” in their ability to stay home. I wanted to take time to explore this a little more in-depth. Whether intentionally or subconsciously, this is a straw man constructed by those with no single-income household experience. I’ve heard it said many times that SAHMs are privileged to have husbands with well-enough paying jobs to allow them their permanent leave from the workforce. Perhaps some do, but many do not. Inability to Afford Vs. Living Above Your Means I know there are some peopleRead More →

This morning I realized I had finished my current Bible study and needed to find something new to start. I browsed my shelves for a few minutes and several books struck me as potential candidates. When I came across an old book my husband brought with him when we got married, I pulled it out and my mind was made up. I would read Radical by David Platt. Even as I have been drudging through doubt, anxiety, guilt and emotional evisceration, I am something of a masochist by nature (somehow I derive satisfaction from making everything harder on myself), so, naturally, I had to pick the mostRead More →