My Top 5 Christian Podcasts

My Top 5 Christian Podcasts

So, as a SAHM, I start my day pretty early. And unless I have plenty of activities or outings planned, it can drag on… and on. On a good day, Jonas and I have an outing or a playdate planned, spend some time outside, and nap time takes up at least an hour-and-a-half so I can get a few things done. But many days I’m stuck coming up with ways to keep him entertained. I’m also stuck with trying to find ways to keep myself from feeling isolated and bored with toddler activities. (I can only push cars around and drop blocks in a bucket for so long before my brain turns to mush.) Enter: the podcast.

Podcasts Keep Your Mind Engaged

Sometimes I’ll put music on while I clean house or cook dinner, but it can get old really fast. After being confined to the house for many moons now, I’ve learned the importance of keeping my mind stimulated. Until I have a child in at least elementary school, I won’t be having much in the way of conversation–let alone adult conversation.

Podcasts are a great tool for keeping your motivation up, engaging your mind, and warding off loneliness on those particularly long days. If you are a SAHM and haven’t taken advantage of the HUGE menu of free podcasts out there, you need to start!

Bonus: Ever find yourself sitting at the dinner table with your husband doing all the talking cause you literally did NOTHING interesting all day? Podcasts are great for keeping you up to date on current events or interesting topics. This gives you a topic of conversation so he’s not left monologging over dinner! πŸ˜‰

I enjoy listening to theology, news, and political podcasts. Here are my top 5 favorite Christian podcasts to give you a place to start!

My Top 5 Favorite Christian Podcasts

1. The Briefing

The Briefing is a 20-minute podcast by Albert Mohler. Described as being “a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.” Only a few articles are covered each week day, but I enjoy how Mohler goes for depth over volume. He does a fantastic job covering current events from a biblical perspective in a fast-paced manner. Exactly like, well, a briefing. This is a podcast you will want to save for when your attention isn’t too terribly split.

2. Sandy Rios in the Morning

Sandy’s radio show, Sandy Rios in the Morning, is on for an hour from 8-9am in my area each morning, but sometimes I’m not able to catch the whole show. So, I go back and listen to the podcast instead. Another news and current events podcast, her show runs at a more leisurely pace than The Briefing. So it’s better for more active periods during my day when I’m not having to concentrate on what I’m hearing.

3. Revive Our Hearts

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is one of my very favorite Bible teachers. When I was pregnant with my first son, I used to drive to Chick-Fil-A every day at 12:30 and sit in the parking lot fueling my cravings while listening to her message. That was before it ever occurred to me to see if her content was available on a podcast. Now, I listen to her 30-minute messages from her ministry Revive Our Hearts whenever suits my schedule instead of over fast-food every day. If you are looking for soothing yet convicting biblical teaching, Nancy could be the one for you!

4. Let My People Think

Ravi Zacharias was the first podcast I ever subscribed to and I still listen to him on a regular basis. Episodes of Let My People Think one come out once a week, so I am able to continue looking forward to his intellectually and emotionally-charged messages without feeling oversaturated. If you like apologetics and more abstract biblical teaching, Ravi is THE place to start. Each podcast is about half and hour long.

5. John Piper Sermons

Finally, on the occasion that I really want a deep and engaging sermon, I love listening to John Piper. Again, this is something you really have to pay attention to in order to really draw something out of it. Each one tends to be 45-minutes to an hour long. It’s definitely not content I can stomach too often, but when I do, I find it to be very refreshing.

What Are Your Favorites?

I’m always exploring new material to fill my day when things get stagnant. What are your favorite podcasts? Christian or otherwise! I’d love to hear your recommendations.



  1. These are great! Thank you. Also check out Shauna Niequist and Jen Hatmaker. Both are great when you don’t have the opportunity to catch every word. πŸ˜‰

    1. Author

      Thanks for your suggestions! I will have to check those out. πŸ™‚

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