My Winter Capsule Wardrobe – 2016

My Winter Capsule Wardrobe – 2016

We’re finally starting to get a little chill in the air here, so I broke out the ironing board and steamed my winter wardrobe for the season. I’m actually pretty excited to see how I can mix and match and dress this capsule up over the next couple of months!

Ever created your own capsule wardrobe? It’s a super fun and challenging way to make the most out of a small collection of clothing. Why create one? If you are a SAHM like myself, sometimes it feels easier to just stay in your leggings and oversized sweat shirt all day. No more with a capsule wardrobe! Mixing and matching has never been easier! Here’s how you can get started on your own capsule wardrobe this winter. 


How to Create a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Focus On Your Basics

To make the most out of your capsule wardrobe, it’s essential that you choose pieces that can mix and match well. This is best accomplished if you focus on your basics first and then add trendier and more colorful pieces.

For my basics, I chose a crisp white button-up, a beige 3/4 length sleeve tee, a black tunic top, a chambray shirt, a couple of wool sweaters in cream and gray, a thin black sweater, and a couple of pairs of jeans.

Create Your Color Pallet

Creating your color pallet will help you mix up your capsule effectively  rather than having a piece that may only go with one or two outfits. These are colors you add in after you’ve chosen your basics. My color palette consisted mainly of burgundies, blues, and sprinkle of light pink.

Add Visual Interest

With basics in place, you can add pops of color and/or trendier pieces to add visual interest to your wardrobe. For example, I added a light pink floral blouse that can easily be dressed up or down. I also added a fur vest, leopard flats, and a zebra-esque dress!

Learn to Layer

When creating your capsule wardrobe (especially in the winter), pieces you can layer is a must! There should be lighter and heavier pieces and also pieces that will mix and match well, as I mentioned before.

For effectively layering, you will need tees, button-ups, blouses, sweaters, jackets, and coats.


Finally, you will get the most out of your capsule wardrobe if you learn to choose accessories well! This is where you can really start to play with color and texture to change up your outfits and maximize your collection.

Add a variety of scarves, layer on necklaces, dress up a shirt with dangly earrings or dress it down with humble studs. Change up your handbag often, paint your nails, and color block with tights. Before you know it, the snow will be thawing and you won’t even have noticed yourself wearing the same 30 items!

Below is a complete list of my winter capsule wardrobe pieces:

(From left to right:)

  1. White button-up
  2. Light pink floral blouse
  3. 3/4 length beige tee
  4. Black tunic top
  5. White & blue plaid shirt
  6. Gold & silver striped top
  7. Denim chambray shirt
  8. Blue buffalo plaid shirt
  9. Cream wool sweater
  10. Gray wool sweater
  11. Burgundy asymmetrical tee
  12. Black sheer-neck sweater
  13. Navy sweatshirt dress
  14. Zebra striped dress
  15. Black blazer
  16. Gray quilted skirt
  17. Fringed waterfall cardigan
  18. Fur vest
  19. Green anorak
  20. Green army vest
  21. Navy peacoat
  22. Aztec wrap coat
  23. Light wash flare jeans
  24. Navy ankle crop pants
  25. Slim gray dress pants
  26. Burgundy ripped-knee jeans
  27. Dark denim skinny jeans
  28. (Not pictured: black denim! Couldn’t find them for the photo!!)
  29. Brown leather riding boots
  30. Black combat boots
  31. Brown leather stacked heel booties
  32. White converse
  33. Pointed toe leopard flats
  34. Beige pointed toe lace up flats

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