How I Make Money Blogging With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

How I Make Money Blogging With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Happy Monday readers! I’ve been meaning to write a post about one of the ways I make money blogging and today is as good a day as any!

I’ve been blogging for a few years off and on, but this year has been the one that I finally found my niche with the SAHM community. I wanted to turn that niche into a way to make a little money on the side while I was raising my son but wasn’t sure how to proceed. That’s when I discovered Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

How It Works
Amazon Associates (the name of Amazon’s affiliate program) is a branch of Amazon where members can sign up to advertise for the company and their products by linking to their website. When you create an account you are given access to a dashboard to create links to Amazon products. Once you build a link you can use these personalized links in the body of your blog posts. If a user clicks on one of these links, they are guided to Amazon and, if they chose to make a purchase, you earn commission from whatever the user buys! The great thing about Amazon’s affiliate program is that you are not limited to commission only if the user buys the product you are advertising. As long as they make a purchase using your link within 24 hours, you will make a commission on anything they purchase.

How Much You Earn
The program is set up so that you make an increasing percentage of commission as your “sales” increase. Below is a table of the fees Amazon pays its affiliates:
volume_rates_tableThe sky is the limit and joining the program doesn’t cost anything, so it’s a no-brainer way to make more money as you are writing. It’s always a pleasure for me to see that readers are interested in the tools I’m using and products I recommend! I write my reviews and give my recommendations genuinely with the reader’s interest in mind whether its a post about bullet journaling, mom life, or fashion.

Tips For Using Amazon’s Affiliate Program
-Advertise products that your target audience would be interested in–readers can tell when you are dropping a link because it is relevant and when you are bombarding them.
-Add your links at the beginning and end of your post.
-Link to other relevant posts within your website so readers can explore your content further.
-Include pictures, text links, or both! I prefer to use text links only.
-Disclose your affiliation with Amazon to your readers–often times they will be glad to support you by using your links when shopping with Amazon!

And there you have the basics for getting started with Amazon’s Affiliate Program! If you would like to know more about the program, feel free to email me at with your questions! Thank you all for your support as you read Huntress At Home!

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