The One Thing That Made All The Difference In My Home Productivity

The One Thing That Made All The Difference In My Home Productivity

One of my very favorite books as a SAHM was one that I discovered before I ever had a home of my own. I remember being in middle school seeing my Mom reading the bright pink edition of Marla Ciley’s homekeeping handbook Sink Reflections and being reverently inspired to get organized, even at a young age. One day I found her standing over a glistening kitchen sink and decided I wanted to read the book for myself. From then on I was devouring her advice–dividing my room into zones for cleaning, expirementing with my morning routine, and doing everything against a timer. Today, I often find myself going back to re-read the book that first got me interested in home management. She has a writing style that will give you a kind kick in the butt.

Of all the valuble bits and pieces I picked up from the FLY Lady, there has been one thing has stuck out to me that has made all the difference in my home productivity: house shoes.
the-one-thingMarla tells homemakers it’s time to start wearing shoes in the house. Lace them up and get ready to FLY! She addresses the people who would inevitably complain: But we don’t wear shoes in my house! “You do now, sister!” Marla says. Well, I couldn’t agree more with the FLY Lady on her approach, however, I am one of those people who says no to shoes in the house; the reason being that I don’t want to track all the germs from parking lots, public restrooms, and mud puddles onto my clean floors. Still, I knew that loafing around in socks or barefooted all day would lead to laziness, so I took her advice and molded it to my needs.

Let me clarify by saying that SLIPPERS are a huge counterproductive agent in my house. Fuzzy sliders or lined loafers just keep your feet warm and cozy, and your hiney planted–I have never been a fan. After putting up with pajama prison for too long  I went and invested in a special pair of shoes to be ONLY worn in my house. The most important part of this purchase is that it be an investment; something that will make you feel dressed, something that you really like. Shoes like these Minnetonka Driving Moccasins are perfect for making your outfit feel complete while you’re at home. They are a neutral color to match anything you might be wearing; they are comfortable enough without being cozily conducive to an unproductive attitude.

Being dressed all the way down to your shoes is critical in the SAHM world. It is so easy to feel unmotivated and sloppy when you are running around in your socks, hair a mess, and especially if you aren’t dressed up in something besides sweat pants. Now, every morning, I put on something that makes me feel like I’m going to be doing more than watching The Office reruns, including my Driving Moccasins. When I am ready to leave the house, I slip them off by the door and put on my normal shoes. When I return home, I slide my house shoes on and get right back to doing what I do best: being a super housewife and mom–with a sweet pair of kicks.

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  1. It’s so true about the shoes. I feel more put together and ready to accomplish my tasks for the day. I bought a cute pair of comfortable flip-flop sandals to wear in my house. I slip them on when I get dressed in the morning and wear them all day while I’m inside.
    Love your post. Look forward to them.

  2. I loathe wearing shoes at the best of times, so I could never come at putting them on because FlyLady said so! (Last thing on and first thing off when I leave and come home) However, in order to be ready to face the day, I make sure I dry my hair properly and pop on a face. Then I’m all grown up and responsible and ready to put my shoes on in three seconds flat because I know where they are.

    1. I get that! I usually have to at least splash some water on my face so I don’t feel totally sloppy! Shoes was an adjustment because I never grew up wearing them in the house, but now I just can’t be productive when I’m too comfortable.

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