Stylebook: How I’m Maximizing My Closet

Stylebook: How I’m Maximizing My Closet

One of my favorite apps that I’ve come across in the last year has helped me purge my closet, find potential for my clothes, and learn to appreciate each piece. Stylebook! This app allows you to take photos of your clothes and accessories against a contrasting backdrop and file them away for outfit planning or keep a log of past outfits. It has been a process of slowly adding pieces to the app for me because I don’t have a huge contrasting surface to take photos against, so I have to manually erase the background in the photos. But the overall effect of having a digital log of my closet has not been diminished. In fact, I appreciate more the pieces I have and more carefully consider adding pieces to my closet now that I might not wear as often. calendar
It has actually been months since I logged anything because of my baby bump, so everything in the app right now is summery. I can’t wait to jump right back into outfit planning with Stylebook once I can fit back into my normal wardrobe.

A few tips for using the app: 
1. Import photos. You can import new clothes you buy from Polyvore for a neater look in your clothes library.
2. Press out the wrinkles. If you do take photos of your own clothes, make sure you iron them first! A wrinkly collection is just as uninspiring on a screen as it is in real life.
3. Plan for alternatives. One thing I like to do when planning an outfit is to include multiple pairs of shoes as alternatives in the corner of the picture, just in case the weather is different, I’ll be walking a lot, or just want a slightly different look.
4. Include accessories. I take photos of my jewelry, scarves, belts, and everything else! These little things are what make an outfit afterall.
5. Plan ahead–or don’t! I love going through fashion books and magazines when I have spare time and planning outfits ahead of the game for all kinds of occasions. For example, if I’m going to a wedding, I like to already have multiple outfits filed in a folder just for that occasion and simply pick from the selection. One of my favorite books to do this with (and favorite style books ever, by the way) is What to Wear Where. Or, if you are more spontaneous, you can just build outfits on demand!

Happy styling!

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