Mondays: How I Actually Put Pinterest To Good Use

Mondays: How I Actually Put Pinterest To Good Use

Instead of buying junk food at the store, I always try to bake something every Monday for us to snack on all week. It might be as simple as a pan of brownies or as creative as tiny homemade apple pies (with pie crust made from scratch, mmm). Even though baked desserts aren’t good for you, making them at home instead of buying packaged snacks is a better alternative because there are less ingredients and preservatives. My baking project for the week often comes from Pinterest! Which leads me into an explanation of my next Monday project…

I try to sit down every Monday and organize a list of Pinterest projects to work on throughout the week. I may only get to half of the things on the list, but it’s a great way to try new things and actually use a portion of the information you pin instead of just looking at it, daydreaming about the day you will have time to be a prowess homemaker. My rule of thumb is to try and pin one thing from each board that I could actually use in my current season of life. For instance, I always pin recipes I can cook for the following week and a beauty trick I can try. But right now I really can’t experiment with outfits because I’m a pregnant whale and 85% of my clothes don’t fit. I also live in a rented apartment that I’ll hopefully be leaving for a house soon, so there’s really no point in doing many DIY home projects at this time.

I’ve discovered that doing this simple task each week gives me something to look forward to when Monday rolls around and inspires me to keep making time to try new things!

You can always check in on my Pinterest board “The Current” to see what new projects I’m working on each week.

Make your SAHM Mondays a little less mundane by pinning projects you are excited to try in the coming week while you have your coffee in the morning! Happy pinning ladies!


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